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Mechanistic Origins of the Nanocrystal Size and Size Distribution - Jonatahn Owen - Vendredi 29 septembre 2019 à 11 h

INSP - Sorbonne Université - 4 place Jussieu - 75005 Paris - Barre 22-12, 4e étage, salle 426

Jonatahn Owen - Columbia university


Modern colloidal nanocrystals can be synthesized with extraordinary precision despite a limited understanding of the mechanisms that make this possible. My talk will address the underpinning pathways that govern these essential aspects of nanocrystal structure. Using in situ absorption and x-ray scattering methods, we have measured the kinetics of nucleation in the synthesis of lead chalcogenides and indium phosphide. These studies have shown that small crystals are inherently more reactive toward growth than larger ones. I will discuss the implications of this finding and how this is relevant to the synthesis of several modern colloidal n