Institut des
NanoSciences de Paris

Former members of the group Nanostructures and optics

Jean-Marc Frigerio

Jean-Marc Frigerio, a former professor at Sorbonne Université, retired in january 2021.

Jiawen Liu

PhD 2017-2020, advisor Laurent Coolen (INSP) : Fluorescent properties of colloidal semiconducting nanoplatelets, from single emitters to self-assemblied

Jean-Louis Fave

Jean-Louis Fave, a former CNRS researcher at INSP, is now retired.

Cyrine Ernandes

PhD 2016-2019, co-advisors Lionel Aigouy (ESPCI) and Mathieu Mivelle (INSP) : Manipulating emission and absorption by magnetic dipolar transitions by using optical nano-antennas

Juan Uriel Esparza

PhD 2015-2019, advisor Agnès Maître (INSP) : Fabrication and characterization of plasmonic patch antennas

Nguyen Thu Loan

PhD 2013-2017, advisor Agnès Maître (INSP) : Development of polarimetric and emission pattern analysis : Applied to determine a single nanoplatelet dipole

Guillaume Binard

PhD 2014-2017, advised by Agnès Maître (INSP) : Study of opalic plasmonic crystals and coupling to nanoemitters

Magali Thomé

PhD 2012-2015 co-advised by Serge Berthier (INSP) and Lionel Nicole (CMCP) : Replication of natural multi-scale and multi-functional structures

Clotilde Lethiec

PhD 2011-2014 co-advised by A. Maître and L. Coolen : Polarized emission from nano-emitters ; plasmon excitation on a metallic surface

Now a post-doctoral reseacher at Northwestern University (Illinois)

Paul Benalloul

Paul Benalloul, a former UPMC researcher-teacher in the group « Nanophotonics and quantum optics », is now retired

Phan Ngoc Hong

PhD 2010-2013 advised by C. Schwob : Planar defect in a self-organized photonic crystal

Now a researcher at the Institute for Materials Sciences (IMS) in Hanoi

Christine Andraud

Christine Andraud, previously maître de conférences at l’UPMC, is now professor at the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle

Cherif Belacel

PhD 2009-2013 co-advised by d’A. Maître and P. Senellart (LPN) : emission for semiconductor nanocrystals in a plasmonic patch antenna

Now post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques (MPQ) (Paris 7)

Rasta Ghasemi

ATER 2012 - 2013 : Fabrication of patch nano-antennas with deterministic positioning

Carlos Barthou

Carlos Barthou, a former CNRS researcher in the group « Nanophotonics and quantum optics », is now retired

Hugo Frederich

PhD 2009-2012 advised by A. Maître : Photonic and plasmonic crystals, coupling to fluorescent emitters

Currently leading a project on energy efficiency engineering and open source materials

Antoine Morin

PhD 2009-2012 advised by J.-M. Frigerio : Tomography by wide field optical coherence tomography : application to pigments analysis of paint layers

Now a physics teacher in classes préparatoires at Les Ulis


Ikbel Mallek-Zouari

ATER (temporary teacher) 2011-2012 : optical properties of CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals and AFM observations

Now assistant professor in the University of Tunis


Amaury Avoine

PhD 2008-2011 advised by A. Maître : Photonic crystals optical properties

Now data base administrator


Mady Elias

Mady Elias, previously a teacher-researcher at the Université d’Evry and in the group Optique et Art, is now associate professor at the University of Florence.


Thi Phuong Ngo

ATER (temporary teacher) 2010-2011 : FDTD simulation of plasmonic structures

Now a teacher in Ho Chi Minh City


Julien Laverdant

ATER (temporary researcher) 2009-2010 : photonic crystals characterization, quantum yield measurement of nanocrystals in solution, characterization of plasmonic nanostructures and coupling to nanocrystals, polarization measurements on single nanocrystals etc.

Now maître de conférences (assistant professor) at the Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée et Nanostructures (Lyon 1)


Abdelmalek Ainsebaa

PhD 2007-2010 advised by J.-L. Fave : hybrid organic inorganic electroluminescent


Caroline Magnain

PhD 2006-2009 advised by M. Elias : modeling skin color and its representation in art

Now a post-doctoral researcher at the Harvard Medical School


Céline Vion

PhD 2006-2009 advised by A. Maître : coupling colloidal nanocrystals to photonic structures

Now a teacher in classe préparatoire at the lycée du Hainaut in Valenciennes


Patrizia Castiglione

Post-doctoral research in 2007-2008 (european project Fingerprint) : non-destructive fingerprint of art works by confocal microscopy and multispectral camera

Now an editor for Belin


Gaël Latour

PhD 2004-2007 advised by M. Elias and J.-M. Frigerio : stratified paint layers analysis and modelling of the visual aspect

Now a maître de conférences (assistant professor) at the IMNC (Orsay)


Mathieu Thoury

PhD 2002-2006 advised by M. Elias and J.-M. Frigerio : identification non-destructive des vernis des oeuvres d’art par fluorescence UV

Now ingénieur de recherche CDD CNRS in the group IPANEMA-SOLEIL


Marco Romanelli

ATER (temporary researcher 2005-2006 : goniometric study of artificial opals

Now a maître de conférences (assistant professor) at the Institut de Physique de Rennes, université Rennes 1


Julien Moreau

ATER (temporary researcher) 2005-2006 : development of visible wide field optical coherent tomography in the time domain

Now a maître de conférences (assistant professor) at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School.