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High-Performance Thermo-Magnetic Micro-Harvester – HiPerTherMag

M . Trassinelli, L. Becerra, E. Lamour, D. Vernhet C. Prigent, S. Steydli, S. Macé, M. Marangolo
Post- Doctorant : Doan Nguyen Ba

The goal of this project is to demonstrate thermo-magnetic power generation using giant magneto-caloric materials as working substance to convert low grade waste heat into electrical energy (collaboration with SATIE et C2N de l’Université Paris-Saclay et l’institut Louis Néel à Grenoble). We shall show that magneto-caloric materials based on thermo-magnetic power generation could become a leading technology for a new generation of efficient highspower density micro-generators oriented towards applications to data-centers, microelectromechanical systems and small autonomous systems. This will be achieved through the design and assembly of an efficient high-power density thermo-magnetic power generation device. At INSP we will be concerned by the production and the characterization of MCM film with optimized properties.


Magnetocaloric Gadolinium thick films for energy harvesting applications Doan Nguyen Ba, Loic Becerra, Nicolas Casaretto, Jean-Eudes Duvauchelle, Massimiliano Marangolo, Smail Ahmim, Morgan Almanza, Martino Lobue AIP Advances, American Institute of Physics- AIP Publishing LLC, 2020, 10 (3), pp.035110.


Improvement of the magnetocaloric properties of layers of Gd (thickness 3 microns) deposited on Si. Variation of the magnetic entropy around room temperature. It can be seen that growth at 550° improves the magnetocaloric power. Gd layers will be used in devices for thermo-magnetic generation (Doan Nguyen Ba, et al. AIP Advances 2020).