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Reduced quantum heat flow and teleportation of electrons : two consequences of Coulomb interactions in micrometer size metallic islands - Anne Anthore - Mardi 14 janvier 2020 à 15 h

INSP - Sorbonne Université - 4 place Jussieu - 75005 Paris - Barre 22-32, 2e étage, salle 201

Anne Anthore - Université de Paris, C2N/ CNRS- Université Paris Saclay Abstract

Heat and interactions are known to wash out quantum effects. Yet, in mesoscopic electronic circuits, heat flow is ruled by quantum physics as charge flow is. One predominant ingredient in the laws describing such transport is Coulomb interaction. In this talk, I will present some experimental investigations of quantum laws of transport. We first evidenced how Coulomb interactions can drastically reduce the heat flow in parallel quantum elementary conductors connected to a small heated-up metallic island [1]. Then I will show that the same mechanism allows to transmit the electronic quantum states through the island, realizing a form of electron teleportation [2].

[1] E. Sivré et al. , Nat. Phys. (2018)

[2] H. Duprez et al., Science (2019)