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NanoSciences de Paris



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Permanent researcher

JPEG Emmanuel Lhuillier - CNRS researcher (CR)

with the help of Yoann Prado - The chemist engineer

Post docs

JPEG Charlie Greboval joined the group : january 2018. topic : transport in nanocrystal array

JPEG Stefano Pierini - post doc joined the group : May 2021.

JPEG Claire Abadie - visiting post doc from onera (G. Vincent as supervisor) visit the group since july 2021.

rodolphe Alchaar - post doc joined the group : March 2022.

PhD students

JPEG Adrien Khalili. joined the group : February 2020.

JPEG Corentin Dabard . collaboration with Sandrine Ithurria (ESPCI) joined the group : March 2020.

JPEG Tung Dang. PhD advisor Angella Vasanelli (LPENS)

JPEG MariaRosa Cavallo joined the group : october 2021.

JPEG Huichen Zhang joined the group : october 2021.

Master students

Erwan Bossavit - Master II student spring summer 2022.


Eva Izquierdo - post doc 2021, now Thales engineer.

Charlie Greboval - PhD student n°6 - 2018-2021. - PhD thesis.

MariaRosa Cavallo - Master II student spring summer 2021.

Erwan Bossavit - Master I student spring summer 2021.

Audrey Chu - PhD student n°5 - 2017-2021 - PhD thesis.

Junling Qu - PhD student n°4 - 2017-2021. - PhD thesis.

Prachi Rastogi - post doc - 2019-2021.

Sang-Soo Chee - post doc - 2019-2020, now assistant professor at Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology .

Mayank Goyal - Master student from IISER Pune (collab. with A. Nag) 2019-2020.

Clément Livache - PhD student n°3 - 2016-2019, now post doc at Los alamos laboratory.- PhD thesis

Bertille Martinez - PhD student n°2 - 2016-2019, now chemistry professor in class prepa. - PhD thesis

Song Li - Master Student 2019.

Francesco Andrea Bresciani undergraduate spring 2019.

Julien Ramade - post doc - 2018-2019, now assistant professor at univeristé de Poitier.

Paul Trousset - undergraduate student, spring 2018.

Amaury Triboulin - undergraduate, summer 2018.

Amardeep Jagtap - post doc 2017-2018.

Wasim Mir - visiting PhD student from Angshuman Nag - 2017.

Adrien Robin - PhD student n°1 - 2013-2016, cosupervised with B. Dubertret, now Ingénieur St Gobain. PhD thesis

Main collaboration

* LPEM (Sandrine Ithurria).

* C2N (Abdelkarim Ouerghi, Gilles Patriache, Hervé Aubin, Sebastien Sauvage).

*IPCMS (Jean-Francois Dayen).

*MPQ (Aloyse Degiron).

*IEMN (Christophe Delerue).

*Soleil (Mathieu Silly).

Group pictures

PNG Logo of the team

JPEG covid style group picture - march 2021

JPEG team picture between two lockdowns june2020

JPEG team picture - spring 2020

JPEG team picture - spring 2019

JPEG at Emmanuel HDR defense on june 2017

JPEG experimental failure

JPEG NanoTN conference in Morocco